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review and www.true - Freshly Made. B D Pleasures is taking you back in time to our earliest video library, where bondage legends were just learning their kinky craft, these are the videos that built the foundation of fetish entertainment. Lira is snooping in her uncle Jay Dee's bedroom finding all of his fetish books and toys but before she can put every thing away she is caught by her uncle. Lira tries to blackmail her uncle but it backfires and old uncle Jay Dee is ready to teach her a lesson she won't forget. First she gets a sound spanking, then she is stripped of her dress and tied, then Jay leads her to his garage which has been turned into a bondage playroom. Tied to a pole Lira is flogged and cropped hard, but the punishment doesn't stop there as her uncle wants Lira to learn from her mistakes and stop being a bad girl!

Ambrose orders a call girl, but is surprised by Lady Atropa. She takes the submissive male slave, binds her victim prepares for a bit of dominating fun...

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